143rd AAA Gun Battalion - World War II
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CWO Alvine H. Tecklenburg

143rd AAA Gun Battalion - World War II

Alvin Tecklenburg


News article


By Tom Newell

Take it from Alvin Tecklenburg, who spent his last week end at home here on leave from Camp San Luis Obispo, life in Uncle Sam's army is all it's cracked up to be and then more. Alvin, son of Mr. and Mrs Herman Tecklenburg is in the regimental headquarters battery of the 143rd Field Artillery.

Tecklenburg went to Camp San Luis Obispo as a member of Stockton Battery C, but several days after arriving in camp his experience and training in operating and repairing business machines and typewriters was discovered and he was immediately transferred into the regimental headquarters unit which corresponds to the business offices of a large corporation.

Classifying System

The Lodian's transfer to a new unit and new duties is illustrative of the thorough system of individual classification now underway at Camp San Luis Obispo. Each soldier in the big army camp is classified according to previous occupation, education and training, and eventually every man experienced in a trade will be transferred from his original unit to duties suiting his talents.

Transfers are now being made from soldiers in the regular field artillery batteries to specialized units such as signal corps, radio division, clerical and stenographic work, military police and and truck operation and maintenance and motor mechanics.

Lodians Transferred

Although the 143rd Field Artillery has been at Camp San Luis Obispo only since last March 17th, several members of Lodi's Battery F have already been transferred from the local unit. (Continued on page.....)



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