143rd AAA Gun Battalion - World War II
My Army 'Book of Memories'


Army 'Book of Memories'

James Frank Alban Sr
143rd AAA Gun Battalion - WWII

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Battle of the Bulge The Ardennes Offensive (16 December 1944 - 25 January 1945)

90mm Anti Aircraft Artillery The 90mm AAA had an altitude capability of 30,000 feet and a range of 14 miles, firing a 24 pound shell......


The Story of the 143rd AAA Mobile Gun Bn. and the Battle of the Bulge Written by David Spitz, the son of T/5 Morton Spitz Includes actual correspondence from some of the men who served in the 143rd.

HMS Highland BrigadeTroop Ships HMS Highland Brigade

Highland Brigade A short while before the convoy was due to sail the 'Royal Mail Line' ship "HIGHLAND BRIGADE", an old coal burning ship, arrived from South America with a load of export meat both frozen and tinned, for the British market. This ship was commandeered by the Army for us.............

Highland Brigade Highland Chieftain - (Royal Mail: 1932-1958 - 14,131gt) - Highland Chieftain was built for Nelson Line in 1928, the first of the five "Highland" Class. Her sisters were Highland Brigade, Highland Monarch and Highland Princess....................

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