143rd AAA Gun Battalion - World War II
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143rd AAA Gun Battalion - Page 30

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from other units and opportunity to see the show. While playing in Heidenheim, a talent team saw the performance and offered the cast another tour to run competition with professional groups. The cast refused the offer on the grounds that battalion itself should enjoy the publicity attained by the show. The cast returned to Battalion Headquarters to begin practice on a new show.

T/Sgt James H Willmas
S/Sgt Warren C Norman
M/Sgt Samuel J Harper
T/5 Billy E Rees
Pfc Harold O Carriere
Cpl William C Cain
T/5 Franzis M Leaply
Cpl Howard T Shinn
Pfc Glenn D Hord
Pvt Russelll L Dixon
Cpl Thomas E Lynch
T/5 Angela J Media
T/5 Walter J Dackiewicz
T/5 Roy C Williams
Pfc Harold H Gies
Sgt Roy Rumpel
T/4 Seth A Goodwin
Pfc Martin E Robinson
Pfc Frederic F Lockhart
Sgt Thomas M Bole Jr
T/3 Harold R Broding (Sound Technician)


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