143rd AAA Gun Battalion - World War II
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many additional two-pointers to the cause. Emerson, Norman, Kwiatkowski, Whittaker and Quillin steadied the team and won a good many games for us with their consistently brilliant floor work and ball handling.

T/5 James Blessinger
T/5 Francis M Emerson
T/5 Robert J Hagelshaw
Cpl Harry F Kwiatkowski
S/Sgt Warren C Norman
T/5 Dominic R Petrucci
Pfc Kenneth A Powell
T/4 James R Quillin
Sgt Edward K Whittaker


Several dances at Camp Blackshaw Moor with girls from Leek and Hanley in attendance.
Pass convoys every night to Leek and Hanley.
Paris, France
Dance at Ecole des Filles in Asniers with girls from the University of Paris attending
Halloween Dance at Gennevilliers Town Hall.
Movies in battery every night.
Sightseeing tours of Paris.
Basketball and football games.
USO stage shows at Olympia Theatre.
Liege, Belgium
Movies in battery every night. Excellent attendance because movies were held in basement and offered protection from the buzz bombs.
Namur, Belgium
Movies every nightin battery.
Battalion dance every Wednesday night.
Movies at Service Club every night.
Basketball games at Adsec gym every night.
Red Cross Club open every day.
Verviers, Belgium
Movies in battery every night.
Volleyball and softball games.
USO stage shows at Jayhawk Theatre.
Duren and Remagen, Germany
Movies in battery area.
Esslingen, Germany
Movies in battery mess hall three nights a week.
Movies at 6th Corps Theatre every night.
Movies at Scala Theatre every night.
Red Cross Club for coffee and doughnuts.
USO stage shows at Gemeinde House.
USO stage shows at 100th Division Stadium in Stuttgart.
Sightseeing tours to Lake Constance, Brenner Pass, Innsbruck Austria, and the Tyrolean Alps.


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