143rd AAA Gun Battalion - World War II
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that they were built strong enough to support his vehicle or the times he stopped en route to pour a litre of oil (about every 50 miles) into the motor, or how he would get out of the bus to do a little reconnaisance on the roads that looked like they might cause his "Wagen" any difficulty. We are all sure that our Motor Pool could find a place for such a man...probably in their office.

Special Service in A Battery centers around Murphy's Theatre that we operate and control in Mosbach. Although we are only a battery, we were able to obtain this theatre against opposition from the division that occupies this zone. Every day a different movie is shown here, not only for members of our battery but also, for various other organizations stationed here with us. We are able to handle most of the soldiers in Mocbach by running a show in the afternoon and one in the evening. In this manner, more than 800 persons are able to attend our movies.

Once or so a week a GI or USO show puts on a performance here for us but, of course, the USO show is a great deal more popular than the other since a "slick chick" from the states always rings the bell with Mosbach's "starved" population. Assisting Spitz at the theatre, are: Czekaj and "cac" clark. Usually, Red Risley or David Scott run the power plant outside.

During the time we were situated in Mehlem, on the banks of the Rhine. The SS Dept. with the aid of 1st Sgt Banning was able to secure 2 sleek cabin cruisers and 3 racing sculls. Twice a week we treated the men to excursions up the river on these boats as far as the famous bridge at Remagen. Pfc. Kostelak and T/4 Buzzo were the pilots and maintenance men on these boats. Also, weekly tours of the Ruhr area were conducted for the benefit of the men who were able to see some real German castles in the vicinity.


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