143rd AAA Gun Battalion - World War II
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143rd AAA Gun Battalion - Page 55

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Battery A

Capt A J Napier
Lt Donald J McMullen
Lt Albert Katz
NCO and Enlisted
1/Sgt George W Banning
S/Sgt Harry O Anderson
S/Sgt Joseph J Berthelot
S/Sgt Wayman E Brumble
S/Sgt Donald A McCabe
S/Sgt Rudolph W Pike
S/Sgt Ralph J Smith
T/3 Michael Winston
Sgt Andrew Branum
Sgt Robert W Choate
Sgt Eldred D Edgar
Sgt James W Harris
Sgt alphonso R Jacinto
Sgt Steve Stephenson
Sgt Louis V Youngblood
T/4 Joseph J Bochatey
T/4 Carey W Brincefield
T/4 Marvin B Buzzo
T/4 John E Davison
T/4 Raymond F Kelly
T/4 Robert F Morse
T/4 Henry Sauermilch
Cpl Frank C Adams Jr
Cpl Lloyd L Hogue
Cpl Richard P Kosicki
Cpl Alfred F Krueger
Cpl Andy Makar Jr
Cpl Fred E McFeely
Cpl George M Morgan
Cpl Dale E Gill
Cpl Robert L Rogers
Cpl Howard T Shinn


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