143rd AAA Gun Battalion - World War II
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143rd AAA Gun Battalion - Page 44

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T/5 Junior Stokes - Center
Pfc Gus Rinaldi - Guard
Pfc J.P. McCann - Forward
Pfc Joe Grecco - Forward
Sgt Emil Hawrylczak - Guard
S/Sgt Dick Price - Mgr Frd
Sgt Andy Fronte - Guard
Pfc Lou Shiller - Forward
Pfc Bob Hood - Guard
Cpl Ed Lynch - Guard
Pfc Ralph Klem - Forward
S/Sgt Dick Price - Mgr
Sgt Andy Fronte - Asst Mgr
Pfc Pug Allen - Catcher
Pfc Lou Shiller - First
Pfc Stan Haber - Second
Pfc Gus Rinaldi - Short
T/4 R. R. Smith - Third
Pfc Bill Beveridge - Shortcenter
Sgt E Hawrylczak - Left
Cpl Ed Lynch - Center
Pfc Bob Kern - Right
Pfc J. P. McCann - Pitcher
Pfc Mike Bilas - Pitcher
Pfc Joe Grecco - Pitcher
Pfc W J Dackiewicz
Pfc Bob Sherrick
T/5 J Stokes
Pfc John Pruchnicki,
Pvt Buckinham
Pfc Vincent Pino
S/Sgt Don Sealy
Pfc Orval Fisher
Pfc Ralph Klem.

Recreational activities have been an indelible part of B Battery's history. The importance of maintaining a high standard of morale among the men cannot be exagerated. In our battery there have been various ways of expressing morale. Movies, dances, sightseeing tours, basketball teams, softball teams are a few of the things which were organized.

On the sport side of the ledger B battery has always been on top. From winning the battalion softball league title at the Muroc Air Base to trouncing the French basketball teams in Paris (we won 9 out of 10 games), our men have always shown a consistently high quality of playing. In the sport activities that followed Paris we have always made a good showing. There were basketball games in Namur and softball games in Germany. We have won and we have lost, but there has never been a time when we weren't playing a good brand of ball. The teams have been a credit to the battery and the battery is very proud of the results.


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