143rd AAA Gun Battalion - World War II
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Of course other activities weren't neglected. We had a swimming pool, riding horses, a bowling alley, a badminton court, and some ping pong tables. Also, we took trips to famous places like, Innsbruck, Berchtesgaden, and the lakes in the bavarian Alps. Within the battery, we organized three I and E courses. We had classes in photography, German and basic electricity. A few of the other men took advantage of some of the technical courses given at the 9th Air Defense Command Headquarters.

C Battery had a well organized and modern program of recreation and education for the men in the battery.

RF Sgt Clifford "Posie" flowers
LF T/5 Louis "Lonnie" Willoughby
C T/4 Leo "Zeke" Haworth
RG Pfc Guido "Zip" Cipriano
LG Sgt Mel "Stretch" Weinberg
F T/4 Peter "P.K." Bremer
F Cpl Kenneth "Stud" Humphry
F Pfc Willie "Flash" Phillips
Catchers T/4 Haworth and Pfc Louis Grebino
Pitchers Pfc Wilbur Green, Sgt Clifford Flowers and Pfc Guido Cipriano
1st Base Cpt Dalton Carlington
2nd Base Sgt Mel Weinberg
3rd Base Sgt Jack Balado and Pfc Paul Kerr
L Field Pfc Frank Miner and Pfc Mike Breznak
C Field Pfc Abel Dallau and Pfc Willie Phillips
R Field Pfc Joseph Dvorabic
R Field Jack Ferstein
Short Stop Cpt Louie Willoughby


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