143rd AAA Gun Battalion - World War II
My Army 'Book of Memories'


143rd AAA Gun Battalion - Foreword

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At this time in the life of the 143rd AAA Gun Battalion it is fitting to pause a bit and record in some detail the chain of events that have given our battalion life and character. It is the hope that this small book, composed by the men of the unit, will do this and thus become a treasured possession of each member of the battalion. Even more closely than one family we have lived together for more than two years and the friendships thus made will be of life long duration. Much of the duty has been ardurous and some has been pleasant, but there has never been one time that we have not taken whatever comes with mutual confidence in our ability to perform our assigned mission. In the future, as you read this book, many of the recorded events will bring to mind some more personalized pictures involving your friends or your battery, and you will be moved to speak more fully of these. It will be a good thing to recall that period when men fought for a clearer cause or a brighter ideal! I want to thank each officer and enlisted man who served with the 143rd, and express my grateful appreciation for the opportunity of serving with you. May God be with you in the future, as He has been so many times in the past. Lt Colonel Myron T Fleming


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