143rd AAA Gun Battalion - World War II
My Army 'Book of Memories'


My Army 'Book of Memories'

James Frank Alban Sr
143rd AAA Gun Battalion - WWII

In Memory Of

Your Family's Hero

We were inspired by a letter that we received from one of our readers to create a new section on the website.

It is called "In Memory Of"

We invite you to create a memorial page for your departed family's hero or a tribute page for your living hero.

Memorial and tribute pages are for veterans of all branches of US military service, all wars and peace time.

Contact us using the Form on the site and let us know that you'd like a memorial or tribute page.

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There is no charge for this service.

In Memory Of

CWO Alvine H. Tecklenburg - 143rd AAA Gun Bn
PFC Herbert J Krieger 143rd AAA Gun BN - D Battery
Corporal Lester Shackelford - 1st Infantry Division - World War 2

A Tribute To

Electricians Mate 1/C Thomas H Brewer -US Navy - World War II